Measurements, Gages, Analytics, and Plugs

Yes, this is a shameless plug for one of our clients –  U.S. Gage.  But there’s also something every business owner cares about.  Measuring success.   How do you  measure the success of your website, SEO, and  internet marketing efforts? If you don’t measure it, how do you know if it’s improving? What do you measure? How do you measure it? How precise does the measurement need to be? What happens if the measurement process is sloppy and the results are misleading? What, precisely are you looking for? What kind of results do you want?

Start By Describing Your Goals and Desired Outcomes

The more quality you put into describing your desired outcome (results) — the more likely you will be able to try new things,  adjust your process (along with measuring and  analyzing  the results), and finally find something that works.


U.S. Gage  is  a top-tier, #1 quality supplier to manufacturing companies  that require precise measurements for their manufacturing processes.  They carry a complete line of stock gages including  Standard Thread Rings,  Taperlock Plugs,  Standard Set Plugs,  Metric Gages  and  Helicoil Taperlock  devices.    “No other American manufacturer can match U.S. Gage for speed of manufacturing, quality checking, delivery and  customer service on specialty gage orders.

plugs and thread gages
Standard Gages by U.S. Gage (Photo used with permission. Photo credit – Bob Brodbeck)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for U.S. Gage is a little tricky, because some people are looking for gages, and other people are looking for gauges, while others think a gage (or a plug) is body jewelry you stick in your ear.

There is already a lot of noise on the web, with  millions of people tweeting every day – all over the globe, and thousands of “SEO Experts” trying to  outsmart Google  (a dangerous idea) and improve the search results for their business clients.

Find A Quiet Place Where You Can Think

You really don’t want ear plugs do you? So where do you start?  Is it possible to shout above the noise? Or is there  a way to work smarter? (BTW – working smart – that’s what we talk about all the time in our Big Ol Small Biz Web Marketing Newsletter. Sign up now!)

Last November, we took our  Five More Talents  team deep  into the woods for a brainstorming session. It’s good to  slow down and think. We talked about our goals for the coming year. We dreamed about positive outcomes in 2013. We brainstormed about how to achieve our goals,  measure the results, and chart our progress. We celebrated the holidays with family and friends. Then we got busy with our new,  smarter way of working.

Back to U.S. Gage

U.S. Gage has SEO problems (not CEO problems) – just like thousands of other small businesses in the United States.  U.S. Gage has excellent products and fast delivery, and we built them a  great new website  – but now comes the tough part:  helping them get found in the search engines.

The U.S. Manufacturing Story Isn’t Over

The people that run U.S. Gage in Detroit are smart, scrappy business men that have battle scars from decades of  ‘global quality wars‘.  They’ve been around the block a few times, and know a thing or two about  ISO,  Quality Control, and  TQM. They’re  entrepreneurs  who know how to manage risk by designing quality into every business and manufacturing process.  They’ve made big investments in the future of quality manufacturing processes. They’ve re-tooled, re-branded and set new goals for the future.  Now we’re using  Google Analytics  to measure what’s happening on their  new website.  We’re measuring their progress – every step of the way.

So, if you are looking for  U.S. Gage,  U.S. Thread Gage,  thread gages in Michigan, and quality  ring plug gages  – you know where to find them. Can anyone ever dominate the global manufacturing industry without precision measuring tools?

Measuring Your Success

What about you? Can you dominate your market segment without clear marketing goals? How many customers are you losing because your product and service goals (and related measurements) are fuzzy as a caterpillar?    How do you measure success?

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