In his recent book, Dave Ramsey coined the term “EntreLeadership.” EntreLeadership is a mash-up of the two words “entrepreneurship” and “leadership.” Leaders are humble, visionary, disciplined servants of those whom they lead. Entrepreneurs are passionate, think-outside-the-box, self-motivated risk-takers. Successful businesses run on EntreLeadership.

Spherical mirror in Bristol, England.

Spherical mirror in Bristol, England. Source: Wikipedia.

In Chaper 1 of  EntreLeadership,  Ramsey fleshes out the definition of EntreLeadership under several headings:

  1. EntreLeaders recognize that their personal weaknesses tend to become the weaknesses of their organization.
  2. EntreLeaders are powerful because they lead through persuasion rather than coercion.
  3. EntreLeaders lead their team by serving their team.
  4. EntreLeaders care deeply about what they are doing — they are passionate about the dreams, vision, mission, and goals of their organization.

But the most powerful lesson of this chapter is Ramsey’s counsel to look in the mirror:

  • “I am the problem with my company and you are the problem with your company” (pg. 11).
  • “The problem with your company is not the economy, it is not the lack of opportunity, it is not your team. The problem is you. That is the bad news. The good news is, if you’re the problem, you’re also the solution” (pg. 12).

So what are you going to do today to begin to address the problems in your business? Maybe it’s time to get serious about your marketing plan so you can capture those opportunities you’ve been dreaming about. Perhaps you need to clarify the mission statement of your organization. Perhaps you need to start managing your time better — i.e., stop procrastinating, stop letting yourself get distracted, start setting priorities and sticking to them. Or maybe you need to buckle down and make some decisions you’ve been putting off and agonizing over.

After reading this chapter, I realized that it is time for us at IX Publishing to get serious about re-tooling our own web presence. We write a lot about things like responsive design and search engine optimization on this blog. And we’ve demonstrated the ability to get results in these areas for our clients. But even if you are passionate about what you do, loyal to your customers’ needs, and committed to excellence — first impressions still matter.

In the web design and digital marketing business, there is always something new to learn. I’m sure it’s the same in your business, too. We’re still learning, and (by God’s grace) we’re still growing. We are grateful to you for reading this blog and to everyone who has entrusted us with their business over the past five years or so. You all are the reason we go to work every day, and we thank you.