Making great music is not easy. Managing the business, sales, and marketing for a local non-profit (like a community-based symphony orchestra) is hard work. When I say it’s difficult, I’m not just ‘whistling Dixie.’

A local symphony orchestra has to attract and retain talented musicians, promote ticket sales, create marketing buzz, grow the donor base, incentivize corporate sponsorships, and balance the budget — all in perfect harmony and without skipping a beat.

Then there’s the problem of competition from other musical genres… and let’s face it — the internet is changing everything. The calm status-quo of our quaint villages (and ‘time honored’ marketing methods)  — are constantly challenged and bombarded by a world-wide  cacophony of competing messages, and the stacato tweets of social media. Don’t worry. They’re just tuning up…

(Warning: The video above is rated PG-13 and may not be family friendly.) The rise of the internet  is the biggest disruption to the music business since the War of 1812. Yes – the internet cyborg eats small business for breakfast, feasts on stodgy-old corporations for lunch, and burbs up the bones of non-profits after a late-night snack — like an all knowing (but hungry) old owl.

Watch closely (above) as  Leonard Slatkin and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) present the American premiere of Ferran Cruixent’s ‘Cyborg’ – sponsored by Ford Motor Company of Dearborn, Michigan.

Yesterday we analyzed several local symphony orchestras – in the Metro-Detroit area. As expected, some of them are struggling with things like SEO, local SEO (search engine optimization) and social media strategies.

Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Detroit Symphony Orchestra screenshot
A screen shot from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra homepage –

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) received  local SEO scores of 26% and 38% in two tests, and an inbound marketing grade of 67%. (100% is a perfect score.) The DSO is doing some great things with social media, but still has room for improvement. We love Detroit and we’re proud of the DSO – so don’t take it personal. The Motor City is home to many engineers that understand ‘process improvement’ – and that’s what this is about.

In future posts we’ll examine the testing scores of other orchestras from around the motor city, and around the nation. You might be curious to know which smaller cities are ranking higher –  the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra or the Royal Oak Symphony Orchestra? By testing similar organizations, some benchmarks for performance will be established.  We’ll be reporting on the test scores and providing more details. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, begin thinking about how Inbound Marketing can benefit your organization.  Does inbound marketing only work for B2B organizations? What about non-profits? What about your business?

Inbound Methodology – A New Rhythm?

If great content is the melody, and social media sings harmony, what is the rhythm?

Inbound Marketing Methodology

Inbound Marketing Methodology –  a proven methodology for the digital age.

‘Inbound marketing methodology’ is a practice of internet marketing that some organizations are learning.  There are four simple steps. However,  some education, re-training and practice is involved — so it’s not exactly a waltz in the park.

‘Inbound marketing’ integrates the use of analytics, blogs, dashboards, content marketing, calls-to-action (CTAs),  eBooks, eNewsletters,  KPIs, podcasts, SEO, social media strategies,  video, and whitepapers  — into a cohesive and comprehensive sales and marketing method — to help your organization grow.

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