The leading cause of small businesses failure is a lack of sales.  As we talked about last month,  lead generation poses the biggest challenge for B2Bs.  Business to consumer (B2C) establishments like restaurants, party stores, or gas stations need lots of traffic (drive by traffic, and walk up traffic) – so physical location is very important. Business to business (B2B), on the other hand, need a different kind of traffic (e.g. website traffic) – and a constant stream of quality sales leads – from a variety of sources.

Every business is different.    One size does not fit all.   You need to find the best sales lead generating strategies for your business.  Lead generation strategies fall into two categories:  outbound  and  inbound. Outbound strategies include networking, trade shows, and cold calling. Inbound strategies harness the power of web content marketing to attract visitors to your website, convert visitors into qualified leads, and turn qualified leads into customers.

  1. According to Mike Faherty, the 5 best B2B lead generation strategies  are referrals, networking, cold calling, partnerships, and content marketing.
  2. Richard Young offers his expert advice on 10 lead generation strategies for you to explore in your B2B organization.
  3. Finally, Gavin Ingham offers 98 more lead generation strategies. Gavin  recommends trying a diversified mix of lead generation strategies and focusing on the ones which produce the best results.  

Our 3 Best Sources for Quality Sales Leads

  1. Local networking groups – Have you found a good local networking and referral group in your area?  We love our local networking and Three Best Sources for B2B Sales Leadsreferral groups Dearborn Chamber Connect and Network Dearborn  in Dearborn, Michigan. Others in the downriver Detroit area like the DADBA Nework.  On the national and international level,  BNI  has local chapters all of the world. (We don’t participate in BNI, since we have better local options in Dearborn. One of my friends in the Naples, Florida area says the GoToNetwork is his best source of referrals.)
  2. Targeted postcard mailings – We use highly targeted mailing lists to deliver a quick message to our niche markets. Sometimes we offer a free eBook.
  3. Inbound marketing – using  this website  and various social media strategies.  An effective website is  important  essential for every business. People perform an online search for something 90% of the time — at least once (and maybe several times) in  the buyer’s journey  — during the process of making a purchase decision.