Do you really think you should ignore the advice of inbound marketing and SEO experts and neglect the art of blogging? No! Of course not. That’s why you’re here. But, sometimes we all need a little pep talk. So let’s get started.

1. Be Consistently Boring

Your Company Blog is Floundering – So you decided to finally get into this whole blogging thing. Better late than never, right? You’ve selected an eye-catching, user-friendly theme, you’ve optimized all your posts for maximum search engine exposure, and you’ve written dutifully.

But no one’s listening. Now what? The problem is you are not boring enough. Like Kid President said in the video above, “boring is easy – but you are better than that.” Anyone can be boring – so at least be consistently boring. Seriously, KissMetrics says: consistency is crucial and boring is in the eye of the beholder.

2. Interview Someone Interesting

“One quick way to change up your blog content is to invite in another voice, and thereby another point of view. Consider hosting an interview on your blog with an industry expert, a relevant source or just someone with an interesting perspective you think would entertain your readers” says Kelly Gregorio.

So, even if Kid President won’t return your phone calls – find somebody interesting to interview.

3. Plan Ahead

“An excellent way to stay consistent and post on purpose is to build out an editorial calendar. Creating an editorial calendar will act as a content guide. It helps you avoid the frustration of sitting idly at your computer by offering your weekly and monthly content focus. It ™s a strategic way to stay in front of your target audience with the exact contact they are online looking for.” Good advice from  Rebekah Radice via SteamFeed.


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