Here’s how we found the source material for the 60 second ‘Build Your Brand’ video loop that appears on our homepage:

  1. Dozens of building and branding photos were selected from For example: various photos of tall buildings, name brand products like Coca-Cola, Nike shoes, VolksWagon vans and bugs, along with automotive brands such as Mercedes and Plymouth. The clip ends with a closeup of a Titleist golf ball.
  2. Several short video clips were sourced from a video called Contrast-HD  by Jesse Wood which he contributed to Distill ( – portrays an old truck sitting by the side of the road while many other cars and trucks drive by quickly. Distill provides: “Curated HD videos free for your personal and commercial use”.
  3. A short video clip called Shoes was sourced from – a video collection which features free videos available in the public domain (CC0 1.0).
  4. A 5 second video clip shows random cars driving in Miami, by Martian on

Other Great Free Video Sources